About Us

The Future Career Readiness Index has been developed by the Harmonics Group, the partner firm in Ireland of OI Global Partners.

Harmonics Group has provided career management services to over 20,000 people, at all levels, in both the corporate and public sectors. The Future Career Readiness Index methodology is derived from our research and the insights we have gleaned from our extensive career coaching experience. We work with many leading organisations across all sectors, including the financial services, pharmaceutical, consumer, telecommunications and software sectors as well as with public sector clients and universities.


OI Global Partners is a career management consulting firm that helps organizations manage their talent and individuals manage their careers.  More than 1,000 consultants strong with 225 offices in 28 countries, our reach assures customers a broad suite of talent management services and a deep base of experienced consultants. www.oiglobalpartners.com


Why the Future Career Readiness Index?

The speed of change in the global economy has meant many employers are almost always in a restructuring and change mode. For employees this means increasing uncertainty. The rise of AI and automation is leading to new ways of working which require us all to adapt and change. The skills, talents, qualifications and experience required in the new world of work are very different than they were 5 years ago.

This is evidenced in the OIGP Future of Work 2020 Research study which highlights the need for both employers and employees to stay agile, continuously adapt to change and demonstrate an eagerness to learn for life to stay competitive.

But how do people future-proof their career?  The Future Career Readiness Index is one step in the journey plan being developed by OI Global Partners and Harmonics Group to help you prepare.