The Future Career Readiness Index methodology is based on the Future of Work Globe, a model created by Harmonics Group which illustrates the dynamic and evolving nature of all three dimensions in this ecosystem – your internal drivers (Personal and Professional Development), the changing needs of your organization (Internal Market) and the rapidly changing world of work (External Environment).



The 5 Future Career Readiness Categories against which you will be assessed are:

  1. Personal Development – Uncovers your commitment to personal mastery and whether you are maximizing your talent and thriving
  2. Professional Development – Spotlights your current performance track record and commitment to recent learning
  3. Internal Market – Examines your reputation with key influencers in your organization and your readiness to adapt and anticipate change
  4. External Environment – Measures your big picture view of external insights, global best practice thinking and your diverse networks
  5. Bridging the Gap – Identifies your level of proactive readiness to take advantage of chance opportunities that may arise at any time